Business Life Cycle

Understand where you are in your cycle and make informed decisions accordingly - We are well equipped to go hand in hand!

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✓ If revenue has declined for several consecutive quarters, you probably entered the declining phase. Take action and start looking for ways to innovate.

✓ Most businesses don’t begin investing in the renewal phase until they are already in a state of decline.

✓ You might need to modify your current offering to meet the needs of new customers or innovate a completely new business.


✓ You are probably able to take regular dividends out of the company.

✓ Many mature businesses have a strong cash position and grow through acquisition or spin-offs of other product lines.

✓ Enjoy this period but be on the lookout for signs that you need to start making a change.

✓ You’ll be able to decide to cash out or reinvest in the business to further growth and sustainability.


✓ The growth phase will require investment.You will have to give back profitability to fund growth or seek outside investment capital either through investors or debt.

✓ Turn your focus inward as you build teams and hire higher-level people to run operations.

✓ With investors, you give up equity and gain advisors. With debt, you retain all your equity but will likely have to sign personal guarantees with banks to secure funding.


✓ You won’t have many processes and you should be tweaking your business model to get a sense of the market.

✓ Although it's an exciting time, it's where most businesses fail.

✓ The cash demands often mean you can only underpay yourself. Use this time to figure out a business model that allows for sustainable cash flow and consistent growth.

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