Desktop accounting methods have been around almost as long as desktop computers. However, as the world is marching towards its digital extremes, small businesses are increasingly looking to cloud-based accounting solutions to manage their bookkeeping, payroll, statutory accounts and annual tax returns.


Compared to big main frame computers piled up in a separate compartment, small businesses can start using the benefits of all digital methods by paying a small monthly fee on a recurring basis instead of forking out hundreds or thousands of pounds up front, which make their cash resources evaporate where it can be used in other income generating streams. Through cloud accounting, the company’s financial records are securely stored and managed ‘in the cloud’, meaning they can be accessed at any time and from any device as long as an internet connection and the correct security credentials are available.

We, at MGT Chartered Accountants, offer online accounting platforms, making it easier for our clients to manage payroll or analyse their financials while on the move.

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